Dream To Done – How to build a renovation plan to match your budget

Remodelling Is An Investment
July 5, 2016
Decorating Your Front Porch
September 12, 2016
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Part 1 in a new series on how to remodel a home, from the initial vision to  Completion

As a client, you may feel like you have little influence over whether your Remodeling project stays on budget and hits the finish line on time. But you have more control than you might think. Remember, the scope of your project and the specific materials are up to you.

The key to keeping a project on budget and on schedule is nailing down the details before ground breaks. If you’ve never renovated or built a new home, you may not be sure about how the seed of an idea turns into a completed project. Here’s a road map for two early steps: putting together your renovation team and nailing down your project’s cost.


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